Will I Kids Cartoon Superhero Costumes Capes Dressing Up Costumes Mask for Halloween Brithday Party Gifts (Superhero Cloak Girl 5 Piece Pack)


High-quality materials: The superhero cloak is made of silk fabric, tasteless and tasteless. The mask is made of high-quality felt with rubber bands for fixing. The perfect superhero gift for kids: Almost all children like their superheroes. Pretending to fly in the air like a superhero, nothing is more important than arousing children’s interest. Whether it’s fun time or trick-or-treating time, your child will love the feeling of this cloak Stimulate children’s imagination and creativity: In childhood, children most like to play with children. Using our popular boy and girl superhero cape, they can imagine themselves as superheroes and can play role-playing games and outdoor games with friends. Cape specifications: -Great dating fun! -Approximately 27 inches high x 27 inches wide -Suitable for children aged 3-10 –100% satin light cloak: durable double-sided cloak with velcro on the neck Package Included: Suitable for 5 children, 5 shawls (about 27.5 inches high and 27.5 inches wide) 5 children’s masks (height is about 4.8, width is about 7) 5 children’s bracelets How to wash: For best results, all cloaks should be ironed at a very low temperature before use. The cloak should be washed in cold water and air dried. The mask should be wiped clean with a wet towel.
★-High-quality materials: high-quality imported materials, bright satin shawls and child-friendly fabrics. No itching, no odor, smooth and soft material, suitable for children’s sensitive skin, making it comfortable and safe. The mask is made of high-quality felt and can be worn comfortably for a long time.
★-★ Value suit (5 sets): Includes 5 different superhero costumes. 5 different eye masks and 5 different wrist straps, and 1 drawstring pocket. Let your child wear it with his/her best friend!
★ ★ ★Children’s Hero Dream: This superhero costume is the best gift for all occasions, such as birthday party, costume theme party, superhero party, children’s costume party, Christmas, Halloween, fashion show, etc. They want to play superheroes and realize their heroic dreams. Stimulate imagination and creativity-one of the most important parts of childhood is the ability to play with toys and wear clothes. Using our advanced children’s superhero cloak, you can encourage your children to enjoy
★ ★★ ★The best gift packaging for children: contains many superheroes. Gifts suitable for various occasions, such as birthday parties, dress up occasions and beautiful Halloween and Christmas
★ ★★★ ★ Excellent workmanship and excellent quality: if you are not satisfied with the reaction of young people when they see the clothes of superheroes, you can get a full refund simply by returning. No words to ask! Purchase without risk!

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