Hand Sanitizer Holder Cute Pikachu Hand Sanitizer Holder for Backpack, For 1 oz Bottle Case


PIKACHU HAND SANITIZER HOLDER WILL MAKE YOU A FAN FOR LIFE! Take this wonderful 1 oz travel size hand sanitizer holder for your lotion or antibacterial soap bottle with you wherever you go! For a convenient, easy, and FUN way to help keep the germs away.

Sadly where our little ones go to learn and have fun has the most exposure to germs. Get this holder to help them to remember to clean their hand after touching hand rail, door knob or just sneezing in their own hands. This little guy accompanied with any hand sanitizer will keep them healthy and safe all day.

With a busy day grabbing lunch at your favorite food truck, no sinks to wash your hand before you devour that delicious meal, with the Pikachu hand sanitizer it allow you to have your antibacterial gel right there to clean you hands, now you can go ahead and enjoy that lunch.

Love being outdoors? So does all those germs protect yourself and your loved ones with having this holder which allow you attach your favorite hand sanitizer on your pants belt loop having your gel everywhere you go to clean your hands. The holder has adjustable strap that easily attaches to backpacks, purses, belt loops, strollers and more.

Keep loved ones safe and clean by bringing with you to the park, out to eat, sporting events, traveling, or wherever else life takes you.

This well crafted design of Pikachu with its bright vibrant color will help as a reminder to use hand sanitizer to keep you safe and clean. All Pikachu enthusiastic will love this little holder. You may attach it to you backpack, briefcase, purse anything you like, letting the world know you are the biggest Pikachu fan.

(Actual Sanitizers, Lotion, or Soap are Sold separately – Any standard 1 oz hand sanitizer will fit)

Direction: To close strap stretch the section with the hole upwards while pushing through the ball on the other end of the strap.
VERSITILITY ALLOW YOU TO ATTACH DISPENSER HOLDER EVERYWHERE – The Strong silicone band allows you to attach this hand sanitizer to your backpack, purse, strollers, gym bag, diaper bag even belt loops. Hand sanitizer travel more so you will always have your favorite sanitizer close at hand.
REUSE & REFILL THIS HOLDER WITH YOUR FAVORITE HAND SANITIZER – This holder is just a decorative skin for standard 1 oz antibacterial gel. Choose your favorite hand sanitizer refills; purrell brands and scents and easily switch out. *(Actual Hand Sanitizers, Lotion, or Soap are Sold separately)*
PIKACHU FANS NEW AND OLD WILL ADORE ALIKE- This holder is a cute Pikachu character. Vibrant color hand sanitizer holder for kids, teens, adults (let just say the kid in all of us). If you are not a fan, this Pikachu holder will make a fan out of you.
30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! – As a growing small business, we understand how important each and every purchase is, so your happiness is our #1 concern. If you don’t love the Pikachu Hand Sanitizer Holder, we’ll refund you 100% of your money, no questions asked.

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