Dal Raccolto Bronze Die Cut Pasta, Capellini, 1 lb (Pack of 3)


Dal Raccolto Italian Artisanal Bronze Die Pasta is produced in accordance with time-honored traditions. The process begins by selecting the finest locally milled durum wheat semolina and kneading it together with purified mountain water to create truly homemade quality “dough”. The dough is then extruded slowly through bronze-dies by the craftsmen and then skillfully dried on looms or within wooden trays for up to 20 hours, which completes the age-old process. The resulting artisan pasta is then packaged and represents Italy’s very best quality in compliance with treasured traditions.
TWO SIMPLE INGREDIENTS: Durum Wheat Semolina and Water
Cooks in 5 minutes
Product of Italy
AIR DRIED from 24 to 72 Hours

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