Competition Cams 26125-24 High Load Beehive Valve Springs for Ford 4.6L and 5.4L Modular 3 Valve Engines


With a .650″ maximum lift, these Beehive Valve Springs were designed for Ford 4.6L and 5.4L Modular 2 and 3 Valve engines and Duramax applications. COMP Cams Beehive Valve Springs deliver increased valve train stability and a much lighter valve train. This is achieved with less spring pressure for better valve control and reduced weight of both the spring and retainer. The unique Beehive shape handles valve train stress more efficiently to eliminate damaging harmonics and increases high RPM horsepower and durability. The oval/multi-arc wire shape places the maximum area of the wire at the point of highest stress to handle valve train stress more efficiently and allow better heat dissipation for longer life. Because of the unique Beehive design, the valve train can handle more RPM and more aggressive cam profiles.
Race Ready – The COMP Cams Race Street spring line is designed to accommodate race-oriented hydraulic flat and roller camshafts.
More Stability – Higher lift cams are a common choice for street/strip engine builds. COMP’s Race Street line accomodates engine builds that see both street and track use, greatly enhancing performance at higher RPM and valve lift.
Modern Performance + Vintage Iron – COMP’s Race Street Springs are available in installed heights from 1.640″ – 2.000″ and . O.D.’s from 1.101″ to 1.590″, making them ideal for a wide range of modern heads and OE iron heads. Just match your spring pocket measurements to the appropriate spring base OD, then check the spring max lift against your valve lift to ensure a good spring for your heads.
Ford 3V – The Race Street 26125 Beehive Valve Spring drops right onto Ford 3V engines. Increasing valve lift capacity, spring rate and valve control, the 26125 spring prepares your Modular engine for a cam swap.
Made in USA

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