Care: A Daddy Gay Romance (White House Men Series Book 5)


Kenn wants Warrick to be his teacher, his boyfriend…and his Daddy.

Being the president’s son was never something Kenn wanted, but it’s the reality nonetheless. Home from college with nothing to do, he’s elated when his father hires a tutor to prepare him for law school.

Professor Warrick Duvall is kind, smart, and he has time for Kenn when no one else does. When the unthinkable happens and Kenn’s world is rocked to its core, it’s Warrick who is there for him, and the friendship with him is the only thing that keeps Kenn going. Warrick takes care of him, helps Kenn find his footing again, and they grow even closer.

When others start to notice and warn him, it’s time for Kenn to be honest about who he is and what he wants. But how will his father react when he learns Kenn doesn’t want Warrick to be merely his teacher and his boyfriend…but his Daddy?

Care is a slow burn MM gay romance with an age gap and daddy kink (no age play), featuring a Daddy who doesn’t know he’s a Daddy and a needy boy who soaks up all Daddy’s care. It’s the fifth book in the White House Men series, a continuing MM romantic suspense series set in the White House that needs to be read in order. Care ends with a happily ever after, but the suspense plot ends on a cliffhanger and will be continued in the rest of the series.

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