7OZ Coffee Cups and Saucers Set – 6 PCS 220 ML Tea Cup Sets with Flower Painting Pattern New Bone China Porcelain Cups for Mocha Cappuccino


Details of Our Coffee Cups and Saucers Set:
Package Includes : 6 Cups and 6 Saucers
Size: cup capacity 220ml, the saucer’s diameter 12cm
Style: light pink cups and saucers with embossed flower gold edge
Microwave and dishwasher safe
60 days quality guaranteed
Advantages of New Bone China:
Light weight -1/2 lighter than reinforced porcelain
Translucent – New bone china remains the transparency of bone china. Under the light, it shows the elegant ivory and bright colors and makes the food seem more delicious
Tough – After the double roasting and calcining of high temperature, the new bone china is more able to withstand the knocking and falling than the porcelain and reduce the damage rate
Durable -The new bone china glaze is tough.It is not easy to be scratched by knives and forks
Available for the oven – Even if the new bone china is placed in a 180 ¡æoven and then immersed in 20 ¡æ tap water, it will not crack. It can be safely used in dishwashers, refrigerators, ovens and microwaves
Why You Should Choose our coffee and tea cups and saucers:
Made of safe and durable new bone china, harmless to health, safe to use, not easy to break
Features a thick handle and stable base for easy use, which is a excellent choice for kids

FANCY DESIGNER TEA/COFFEE CUPS ANDS SAUCERS: Each cup is perfectly formed with a vibrant corrugated rim. The excellent quality coffee cups are made from supreme New Bone China, with a durable, glossy finish and matching saucers
GRACEFUL TEA/COFFEE CUPS AND SAUCERS: Around the saucer has a decorative flower pattern and the white center being perfectly sized to fit the base of the cup. These lovely saucers match the cups perfectly and will help to protect furniture from heat marks as well as catching any small drips or spills
WELL-PACKAGED COFFEE CUPS AND SAUCERS: Supplied in well-packaged box to ensure that it is in good condition.Each contains 6 coffee cups and 6 saucers which are well protected against movement and damage
OTHER QUALITY CUPS IN GUANGYANG:There are other sorts of cups in our shops, have a look and one of them may draw your attention.We insist on our goal of providing fabulously designed, and widely accessible tableware to anyone who wishes to turn their house into a home

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